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Inspired by the sea

Sea has always been the inspiration source for Beuchat’s innovations. The core values of the brand have always been to innovate and to bring comfort and efficiency for underwater activities. This aim, as well as a strong ability to change and think outside the box,  is and has always been the leading principle of Beuchat.

by the Mediterranean sea



Georges Beuchat created his company, named after himself in 1953, on the shores of the Mediterranean sea. He is at the time a 24 years old man deeply inspired by the underwater world. He is a skilled spear-fisher as well and he never stops thinking about new products that will allow him to go beyond the limits. His inventions have triggered the development of modern underwater sports.



Georges Beuchat, who was an outstanding inventor, has made Beuchat the leading brand of underwater activities as in 1947 when he created the first spear gun : the Tarzan.

The spear gun as we know it today was born with an power band launching system and a pistol grip. In 2010, the brand reinvents the spear gun with the Revo Concept, a  patented  launching system : the precision, power and speed of the spear have now reached a brand new level.




Beuchat wanted to create an isolation from cold waters when spearfishing. His idea was to use rubber as an insulator. In 1952, he tries out the first homemade prototype of underwater wetsuit with his friend Albert Falco. The very first underwater wetsuit is to be born one later, after a whole set of tests and experiments. This model of wetsuit was used by many famous seamen, such as  Commander Cousteau during Précontinent 1, his undersea life experience, and his most famous movie :  Le Monde du Silence/The Silent World (1955)

1953 - Today


This major invention was the key to underwater activities development. Materials and techniques may have changed, but the principles set up by Georges Beuchat are still in use today, 60 years later. Not only was Beuchat the creator of the underwater wetsuit but the brand also played a major part in the evolution of the product all along the 90’s and the 00’s.



The C800, C500, C200 models are designed for athletes and amateurs looking for products combining both performance and comfort.

The brand’s product development teams decided in 2012 to share their experience and know-how with triathletes and outdoor swimmers. Working on those new and fast-growing activities was an inspiring challenge for the brand. The large set of new technologies offered by Beuchat today is the result of three years of thorough and passionate work. More than ten complete innovations were tried and approved by professional athletes and sport lovers. Those are now Beuchat’s official technologies and can be found in the new wetsuits.